WriteOnCon favorites: Author Branding by Shelli Johannes-Wells

As most of you know, I spent most of last week delving into the awesome v-logs and articles at WriteOnCon, a free online writer's conference.

A LOT of the information deals specifically with kidlit writing, but not all of it. And this two-part talk on author branding was one that I especially thought you writers out there would enjoy.

Any thoughts?


  1. was that not total greatness? I LOOOVED what she had to say about branding, and I even did the little exercise she had us do!

  2. I loved those, too! Shelli is awesome and full of great information!

  3. I loved the vlog too. I hadn't thought of all the different aspects of your author brand. Sorry I haven't been around, but I was at the conference too.

  4. Jamie- The conference was AMAZING. It took me all week just to absorb all the information, and I still keep going back and re-reading stuff. Picking my favorites is such a challenge!

    PJ- I know, it's really useful stuff. And I liked your video too. :)

    Natalie- I saw you there! (sort of) I know what you mean about not being around. I'm just now getting back to my regular round of commenting and reading other blogs.


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