FAQ: Will there be another Bhinian Empire book?

So I've been on and off (mostly off) social media lately for a whole host of reasons, but I've been getting this question a little more often lately and I thought maybe I should actually put in on the blog, instead of just answering it on Twitter and Tumblr. This is mostly taken from my last Tumblr post on the subject, which you can find here.

Will there be a third Bhinian Empire book? 

The answer to that, sadly, is...I don't know. Currently, I'm not able to continue the series.

See, I am what is called a “midlist author,” which is sort of a blanket term for anyone who isn’t a bestseller. A lot of midlist authors do quite well and get to write in their worlds for a long time. Currently that’s not what’s happening for me. I love my books and I love my readers but I simply don’t have enough sales numbers to sell a third Bhinian Empire book.

I have ideas for a third book in my head, one that goes into what happens to Nisha next, what happened to her parents, and what’s going on in the Empire. There are ideas for future books beyond that. But--and here's the hard part--it’s all still in my head.

If I had the book written already, or if I was a faster writer, or if I didn’t have other projects I was working on, I would definitly consider putting out the third book myself. And maybe someday that will happen, who knows.

But I am not a fast writer. And I do have other projects I’m excited about and believe in, and those projects need my attention right now. So as much as I love Nisha and her world, I have to set it aside indefinitely.

Does that make me sad? Absolutely. But I tried hard to make both books as complete and satisfying as possible, so even though I know there are a few threads that still need to be picked up, I hope people can enjoy the books as they stand. And maybe one day the third book will stop being just vague ideas and I will write it and get it to you somehow.

Everyone who has reached out ot me and  expressed your love and support for the Bhinian Empire books, you are amazing. You make me smile, you make me want to be a better writer, and you make this whole journey incredibly worth it. I’m intensely grateful for that and I will absolutely continue writing, even if it’s not in this particular world.

Thank you.

Well it's been a while, hasn't it?

Hey lovely readers and blog friends!

As you probably noticed, I sort of...stopped updating all of a sudden. Part of it was Life Things and part of it was the changing nature of the Internet, and honestly, part of it was that I realized, at least for a while, that I didn't have a lot to say. I've been active on other social media like Twitter and Tumblr, but even there I tended to spend most of my time listening rather than talking.

So where does that leave this blog?

Well for starters, one of my goals is to transition to an actual website sometime this year. I have no idea what that will look like yet, but now that Husband and I are in a better financial place, and I'm only working very part time, I have the space and resources to figure out who I'm going to be on the Internet , and how that's going to look.  I'd like to start doing more workshops and Skype visits, and there will be a space on the website for all the writing advice I've done over the years.  The blog will probably be archived somehow.

But what have I, the writer, been doing?

Well I've been writing. And living, and growing and rewriting and living and growing and writing. I have a couple of projects I'm VERY excited about, and between that and aforementioned Life Stuff, I've been pretty busy.  It's been really good, but I think I'm ready to start slowly putting my Professional Writer Hat back on. Like I said, I don't know what form that will take, but I'm excited to find out.

So that's me. What have you all been up to for the last year or so?

Author copies, bonus Jerrit and random squealing


Hardback of Empire of Shadows and paperback of City of a Thousand Dolls




I know how much you guys loved him, so this is my thank you.

Both the paperback and the hardback will be out on November 4th, less than two weeks away!

Thank you guys, so so much. I can't believe we made it to this point and your support means more to me than I can say. I'll have a post up soon about the bookstore events I'm doing in Portland and Boise in November.

*hugs books*
*hugs readers*
*hugs everyone*

Help me give away my ARCs (and a link to a Goodreads giveaway)

So my summer has apparently vanished in a haze of heat and real life stuff and trying to GET THIS @#$%#%$#@ FIRST DRAFT DONE.


Anyway, it's September! Which means Empire of Shadows is out in about two months! Which is terrifying!

Yeah, kinda like that.

So right now, Harper is giving away 10 Empire of Shadows ARCs on Goodreads. So go forth and enter, if that is your sort of thing.

Meanwhile, I'll try to figure out some kind of giveaway for the ARCs of EoS that I have. I don't want to do a contest too close to release date, but it would be a shame to let this little stack of pretty books go to waste.

What do you all think? How should I give away my ARCS?
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