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Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Mystery Writers of America
Romance Writers of America
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators 
Verla Kay Blueboards
Absolute Write
Preditors and Editors
Writer Beware Blog


On trusting yourself
Thoughts on being stuck

Find Your Writing Strengths:

Identifying Your Writing Strengths, step 1
Identifying Your Writing Strengths, step 2
Identifying Your Writing Strengths, step 3

First Draft Tips:

First drafts as underpainting

First draft tip #1: Find your seed
First draft tip #2: Break it up
First draft tip #3: Work through the crazies

Character Series:  

Character is destiny, part 1: The Edward/Bella dilemma.
Character is destiny, part 2: The Character Store
Character is destiny, part 3: Character Store, cont.
Character is destiny, part 4: Who gets to be the catalyst?
Character is destiny, part 5: Building a villain
Character is destiny, part 6: Never underestimate the Everyman 

Plot Series:  

Devious plots, part 1: If Stephan King doesn't do it, why should I?
Devious plots, part 2: What is this "plot" you speak of?
Devious plots, part 3: Don't put the toilet in the living room
Devious plots, part 4: Plot store!
Devious plots, part 5: More plot store!
Devious plots, part 6: Plot store, final sale!
Devious plots, part 6 1/2: Useful plotting resources

Voice Series:

Talking about Voice, part 1: What is it?
Talking about Voice, part 2: Three authors, three books
Talking about Voice, part 3: One author, three books
Talking about Voice, part 4: Viewpoint voices
Talking about Voice, part 5: Differences in character dialogue
Talking about Voice, part 6: Helpful links

Worlbuilding Series:

Worldbuilding, part 1: It's not just for science fiction anymore!
Worldbuilding, part 2: By the Power of Grayskull...I mean Research!
Worldbuilding, part 3: The Secret to Worldbuilding Success (according to me).
Worldbuilding, part 4: Let's talk about exceptions
Worldbuilding, part 5: The "Pigs in Space" principle.
Worldbuilding, part 6: Finding your secret weapon.

Worldbuilding redux: Don't forget the details!

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