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For those of you who are curious, here's a sampling of what I've been working in the last few years in chronological order.



Nisha Arvi is a casteless orphan in an empire where caste and tradition are as unchanging as the roof of gray sky above her head. The only exception is the House of a Thousand Dolls, an estate where abandoned girls are trained to be anything from assassins to courtesans to nobleman’s wives.

Nisha is not so lucky. When she finds out that the House Council want to sell her as a slave, and also that they are hiding a series of mysterious deaths among the girls, Nisha makes a desperate bargain. If she can find the killer, she’ll have a chance at a caste and a future.

But it won't be easy, because in the House of a Thousand Dolls missteps are as easy as wearing the wrong robe. And when Nisha suspects her best friend of the murders, she puts both of their futures in jeopardy.



High school junior, Becca Waverly has done her best to make her life as perfect as possible. But all her plans mean nothing when she skids on a patch of black ice, drives off a bridge and drowns.

But it gets worse. Becca's given a second chance at life, (awesome) and ends up a cat (not awesome).

Becca doesn’t want to be a cat. She doesn’t want to be adopted by her ex-boyfriend’s little sister. And she certainly doesn’t want to stick around the small town where she died. Her only way out is to switch bodies with a willing human. But the only person who can hear her is the new kid at school, a shy wheelchair athlete named Gina.

Gina’s got some major problems of her own and she’s willing to consider Becca’s offer. But when Gina and Matt bond over a shared love of basketball and a ruthless group of girls at the school targets Gina, Becca’s plan starts to fall apart.



When twelve-year old David Napok goes bird hunting, he finds more than ptarmagin. He also finds a baby ice dragon which eats all his blackfish and follows him home.  His grandmother warns him that the dragon--which she calls a tirichick--is old magic, but David adopts it anyway and names it Pup.

David knows keeping the tirichick is risky but he can't resist. Pup can protect him from the cold, and better yet, the little dragon can hypnotize game with his eyes. With his father and older brother up the river hunting gold with the outsiders, David needs Pup to help him provide meat for his family.

But Pup's powers call more than game. Soon a fog descends, both on the coast and nearby mining town of Anvil City. The fog endangers David's new friend Patrick, and soon David's facing the worst thing that Pup's powers can call.

A fully grown tirichick.



Seventeen-year-old Sam Mirhaydari has spent every summer since he was thirteen working with his dad on the cruise ship Sea Sprite. He runs errands for the crew, plays poker with his friends and avoids the passengers as much as possible.

Then he meets Marina. Marina has a problem; the antique mirror she just bought as a souvenir refuses to show her reflection. When Marina is pushed down the stairs and someone begins to leave threatening messages in her cabin, Sam is drawn in against his will.

Now Sam and his friends must fight to save Marina from an ancient evil that wants her soul, not to mention anyone else it can get along the way.

Note: This is my 2010 Nanowrimo draft, so it's pretty much unreadable. :)

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