What I do when I'm not writing


It's been a while. I think this might be the longest I've gone without blogging since the blog started. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the main one is simply...well, I'm sort of low on things to say.

1. I'm not working a day job currently.

2. Empire of Shadows, the companion novel/prequel to City of a Thousand Dolls is done and edited and out of my hands. (I'm actually out of contract entirely at this point which is both amazingly freeing and rather scary.)

3. Anything to do with future books is currently at Secret Status

4. Empire of Shadows isn't out until November, which means it's a bit early to start yelling at you about it. (I have so some stuff planned though. For later.)

5. And honestly, there are only so many pictures of my cat being adorable that I can put up.

obligatory pic of cat being adorable

So you might be wondering, if I'm not editing and I'm not working and I'm not blogging, what AM I doing?

Well, writing is still a big answer, though lately I've had to step away and let my brain run on some story problems. (First drafts, ugh.) Also I've been teaching myself  how to keep a consistently clean house, which is a skill I somehow got to my thirties without learning. And I've been pretty active in brickspace, with friends, a bit of volunteering, etc.

And when I'm not writing? I do this.

As some of you might remember from last year, I started a new craft called quilling. The story of how I got into it and why I love it is too long for this post, (hey, blogging idea!) but basically, this is what I've been doing when I get stuck writing. It's a lot of fun.

I guess I could talk more about quilling if people are interested. What do you all think?  What do you do when you don't have anything to blog about?


  1. Love the art you're producing. Missed seeing you around. Looking forward to hearing more about what's going on and your new book when it gets closer to the release date.

  2. Qullling. Wow. Takes me back. Did that years ago when I was in college back in the 70s and had a part-time job doing arts and crafts with kids at an afterschool program (I was an art major). Love yr blog, which I just discovered, so I need to buy and read yr books. Me, I work by the ocean so I just stick a day-by-day morning photo of the sky/sea on my blog.

  3. The quilling looks amazing! People would probably buy that if it were offered for sale.

    Yay for keeping a consistently clean house! I have also not mastered that skill and I admire you for your determination to do so. Keep up the good work!


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