#WeNeedDiverseBooks and the Diversify Your Shelves initiative

Wow, what a great couple of days! I wasn't able to participate much yesterday because of errands and annoying adult things, but Thursday was amazing and the momentum seems to be continuing.

So today, I'm taking part in the third part of this campaign, Diversify Your Shelves.   (contest at the link if you wanna win some books!) Sometime this afternoon, I'll be going to Powell's to pick up a book (or two) by a diverse author.

The only question is, WHICH ONE??!? There are so many great ones to choose from!

Any suggestions? And are you going to Diversify Your Shelves today?

#WeNeedDiverseBooks with bonus cute cat pictures!

Happy #WeNeedDiverseBooks Days, part 1!

Are you tweeting? Are you talking? Wonderful! A whole lot of super smart people are saying amazing things as well, and you should check them out.

Tumblr conversation here.

Twitter conversation here.

Another thing that's going on today is the #WeNeedDiverseBooks visual campaign. I sent in a picture for it, but I thought I'd share the....creative process that went into the picture. And by creative process, I mean me trying to convince my cat to hold still for five stinking seconds.

(Yes, I'm supporting diversity by showing you pictures of my cat. What? IT'S THE INTERNET.)

Anyway, I started out with a simple message in horrid handwriting with some awesome books attached to it. (Also my books because they were there and why not.)

Then I thought. This picture needs a cat. So I tried to coax my cat over.

And I tried....

And tried...

As you can see it went very well.

I did eventually get a decent pic of him and the books, which you'll be able to see on the WeNeedDiversebooks tumblr at some point today.

Anyway, I'm going to try to be on the hashtag party today at 1pm EST. Will you be there?

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