#WeNeedDiverseBooks starts tomorrow!

Hey all! I've been off grid a bit for the last couple months, but I wanted to share something with you that's really important to me.

The We Need Diverse Books campaign was started as a response to Bookcon's all white author lineup. The amazing authors behind WNDB want to move past just talking about the problem, to actually trying to make a difference by raising awareness and support and by encouraging people to buy and read diverse authors.

Sounds awesome, right? But how can YOU help?

Here's how.

1. Tomorrow starts the three day social media campaign. You can read about all the different ways to participate here.


Blog, tweet, tumble, send in a picture if you want (today is the last day to do that), and Facebook. Add your voice to the chorus, and talk about why we need diverse books.

2. Talk about diverse books and diverse authors that you love. Call your library and request those books. Share them with your friends. Leave positive (and honest) reviews for these books on Amazon and Goodreads.

3. Vote with your wallet. Buy diverse books. Preorder them. (preorders are GOLD in the publishing world.) Especially buy books written by diverse authors.   If you want a good place to start, I have a great list of Asian-inspired high fantasy here.

If diversity in books is at all important to you, I encourage you to get involved. There's a perception that diverse books don't sell, that customers and readers don't care about diversity. I believe that's wrong, and I believe we can change things.

Who's in?

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  1. Totally joining in with this - this is awesome!


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