Empire of Shadows release date and cover news!

Hey all!

I'm battling the most creative head cold in the world right now, which means just when I think I'm over it, a brand new set of fun symptoms kicks in. (It's all very arty and ironic, the cold assures me.)  So this will be short and sweet.

1.  As promised in the title, we have a release date for Empire of Shadows. The book will be out November 4th, 2014!

2.  The paperback of City of a Thousand Dolls will also be out on November 4th, including some yet-to-be-determined special features.

3.  To celebrate the one year anniversary of City of a Thousand Dolls, (yay!) we're doing a cover reveal for Empire of Shadows on February 5th. And by we, I mean the lovely ladies of Diversity in YA.

If you've never checked out the Diversity in YA site, I strongly urge you to do so. Here's them in their own words.

Diversity in YA was founded in 2011 by authors Cindy Pon and Malinda Lo as a website and book tour. While the tour is over, we revived the website on Tumblr in February 2013, and we relaunched DiversityinYA.com in January 2014. We celebrate young adult books about all kinds of diversity, from race to sexual orientation to gender identity and disability. Our goal is to bring attention to books and authors that might fall outside the mainstream, and to bring the margin to the center. We encourage an attitude of openness and curiosity, and we welcome questions and discussion.

Awesome right? Both the website and the tumblr are great resources, whether you're interested in writing diversely or want to find diverse reads or authors to support. And they've graciously agreed to host my cover reveal, which makes me super happy.

4.  There will also be an accompanying contest on this blog as well, so be sure and check for that on the 5th.

5.  Finally, after the reveal and everything is done, I'm going to start my dialogue series. If you have any specific questions about dialogue, I'm taking suggestions in this thread. 

I think that's it! Thank you everyone for being such amazing readers and being just generally cool people. Now I'm off to binge watch more Mystery Science Theater because it cures colds. Or something....

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