Updates! Now in convenient list format.

1. I did not, sadly, win National Novel Writing Month, or even get to participate as much as I wanted too. *endless sad face* But I DID write about 15k words and get a good start on a new project which makes me very happy. I can't tell you a lot about it, because I'm not sure it's going to grow up to be a book yet. But here is the first paragraph or so, if you're interested.

     They tell me that running is best done outside. They say it’s the wind in your face and the smell of the road and the scenery going by that makes running worthwhile.
     They are wrong.
     I take a deep breath and center myself, my feet pounding on the treadmill. The little screen attached to the top shows a running path in the fall, red and yellow and orange trees whirling by like brightly dressed ladies at a dance. There’s no wind and the only smell in the air is the smell of my own room, warm and dry, with a slight antiseptic tang underneath. My breathing and my feet sync as I run and for a moment, that’s my whole world, breath and muscle, body and bone. Everything else burns away, the knot in my chest loosens and for a moment, just the briefest of seconds, my mind is blank.
     This is what makes running worthwhile for me.
     Because it’s running away from myself.

2. There were a lot of reasons that I didn't get to write last month and one of them was moving. We moved to a smaller, cozier (and Lord be thanked, QUIETER) apartment. It was an awesome decision and I don't regret it, but it did mean WEEKS of sorting and packing and giving stuff away so we could fit into the new place. And those of you who are long-time blog readers will remember just how much I love moving. (hint: not at all)

But it's done and the new apartment feels more like home than the old one ever did. Also we got a giant new couch which our cat loves because it makes him invisible.

Do you see a cat? Look closer....

Cutest ferocious predator ever

3. Reason number two I didn't write was copyedits, which turned out to be due at the end of November. Copyedits and I do not have a happy history, but this time they were surprisingly uncomplicated and unstressful. Which was good because I was spending so much of my time packing.

But they are done now! And Empire of Shadows is off to the great publishing machine, where it will be spit out in Fall 2014. I might have an official date for you soon as well. (Yay!)

4. And finally, reason number three that I didn't get to Nano much. I was crafting.

Yep. I'm a crafter now. I do a thing called quilling, which is basically rolled strips of paper and glue. And I made stuff for people for Christmas presents and had a booth at a DIY craft fair and taught other people how to make stuff. It's a bit weird, but it does help manage the stress.

What did I make, you ask?  Well I made Christmas ornaments.

And also a bunch of other stuff that I can show you in a separate post if you're interested. :)

5. I still haven't given up on getting back to some sort of regular blogging schedule. I miss it. Maybe that will be my New Year's resolution! But regardless of whether or not I update again before the end of the year, I wish you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons. Have a snowflake.

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