I know what you're thinking.

"A blog post AND book news? Is the world ending???"

Happily, it's not. At least not in lovely, cloudy Portland where I'm currently writing this from. While under my covers. Because it's freezing in my house but the thermostat is DOWNSTAIRS and I don't have to be anywhere for another hour or so. Therefore blankets.*

The big news around here of course, is that I've officially turned in my edits for Bhinian Empire Two, The Companion Novel of Doom!** That means several things:

1. It is now almost completely 99.9% certain that Book Two will be out sometime next fall.
2. I can now devote more time to other writerly things, like...hypothetically speaking... blogging. And maybe a contest or two as well. :)


Coming, Fall 2014, for your enjoyment and delight....



Remember, this is a companion novel, not a sequel. There will be a few shared characters, some in unexpected places, but this book isn't really focused on Nisha. Instead you'll get to meet a new character, Mara, whom I hope you will love just as much.

Posting on the blog will be still be sporadic for a while, as I take off my Editing Helmet of Great Solitude and try to get back in the groove of social media a little more. But I'm looking forward to some good writer-advice posts and a few wow-what-a-year updates. In the meantime, leave me a comment and let me know how your summer went!

(I assume unlike me, it involved some kind of outside.)

*Can you tell I've been on Tumblr a lot this year?
** Dun dun duuuuuun
***no more big edits!!!! 


  1. That's a great title, Miriam! It's very mysterious.

    Summer was SOOO hot this year, but I love the heat, so I sure am missing it. We're getting frosts and cold days in the Philly 'burbs. It's not even winter yet but is starting to feel like it. Summer always flies by and the cold months just draaaaag on and on. I miss summer!!

    Good luck with everything you've got going on, and stay warm!!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  2. yea the baby has a name

  3. Thanks Laura! I've that it's getting waaaay cold over there. Time for lots of hot cider! :) *sends cider and blankets*

  4. Yayyyy!!! I cannot wait for this one to grow up and leave the nest. :)

  5. Congratulations on finishing the big stuff and getting a title. Love the dog and blanket!

  6. OHMYGOSH you're back!! :-) I spent my summer devouring as many books as I could as well as writing my own in Camp Nanowrimo (a wonderful place to avoid summer's heat). I also read City of a Thousand Dolls in about a day, and thoroughly enjoyed being in Nisha's world!
    But now I am looking forward to fall/winter, warm boots, scarves, and hot cocoa, and YOUR NEW BOOK! eeeep!

  7. You're back! Yay! :-) I spent summer devouring as many books as I could, as well as participating in Camp Nanowrimo (a wonderful place for escaping summer's heat). One of the books I read was City of a Thousand Dolls, which I absolutely adored, by the way!
    Now I am looking forward to fall/winter, hot cocoa, scarves and boots, and hearing more about your new book!


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