Mailing update and some late winners

Okay, so I'm caught up on mailing for pretty much everyone who sent in an address. If won something from me and you don't get it within a reasonable time frame, feel free to email me and let me know.

If you don't know whether you won something, check the winners tag.

Also when I was making this post this morning, I realized that I never put up my last winners post! I was positive I had posted everything, but apparently not. (My brain must have shorted out for a while there.) My apologies for the delay, everyone.

Here are the last four winners of my 30 Days of Bookery Contest!

The winner of Claws is:


The winner of Geeks, Girls and Secret Identities and I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It is:


The winner of Equal of the Sun and Wrapped is:


And finally, the winner of The Archived is:

Sunny Duvall

And as if finding out that I was missing a winner post wasn't bad enough, I went back and counted all my winners to make sure I wasn't missing anything else. And sure enough, I was. For some reason, the winner of Time Between Us and Return to Me was never announced. (The next time I do a giveaway like this, I'm using a spreadsheet.)

So, the winner of Time Between Us and Return to Me is...

Paula Cotton

There you go! All the winners have been announced, and I'm caught up on mailing for anyone who already sent in an address. If you won a book, shoot me an email!

Now, I have to go back into the editing cave for Book Two. Send help. And snacks.

*dives back into editing cave*

Everything you ever wanted to know about Book Two. (Okay, not everything. But some things, anyway.)

Happy Wednesday! Today I thought I'd answer some of the questions about the mysterious and secretive BOOK TWO that I've been working on. Things are still in process, so I can't tell you as much as I would like, but I will do my best.

(hey that kind of rhymes!)

Will there be another book after City of a Thousand Dolls? 

YES. I'm editing a second Bhinian Empire book right now.

Is it a sequel?

NO. I'd love to do a sequel someday, but this story needs to be told first. So it's a companion novel.

What's it about?

Love, identity, and revolution. And that's all I can say.

When is it coming out? 

Not until later in 2014, unfortunately. I don't have a specific date yet, but I know it won't be February. This is a much bigger book in scope than City of a Thousand Dolls, and in order to do everything justice, we had to push the release date back.

Will there be more of the world?

SO MUCH MORE. That's one of the reasons it's taking me longer to do. You'll find out a lot more about the Sune, and the caste system, and get to see the capital city of Kamal.  And there's a little bonus Black Lotus too, for those of you who wanted more of that.

What about Nisha's story?

The second book doesn't follow Nisha, but it's a big part of her story all the same. It will answer some of the questions left over from the first book, but probably not the ones you're thinking of.

Will Jerrit be in the second book?

This is by far my most popular (and most favorite) question. And the answer is... I can't tell you. ONE of the cats will be in the second book, along with several other familiar characters, but for now their identity is a SECRET.

So that's what I can spill so far! You can leave other questions in the comment thread, and I'll answer as best I can.

And now, back to work! *tackles Book Two*

In which Miriam recaps her month (and finds a new website to play with)

It's March!  *cheers*

As of tomorrow, City of a Thousand Dolls will have been out exactly one month. And what a month it's been! Here were the highlights. They're illustrated in pulp sci-fi magazine style because I've been obsessed with this website for the past few days.

First there was the release itself, which was crazy and awesome and scary and wonderful.

Then I settled back in to work on edits for the companion novel to City. There was only one small snag....

Curse you, Shiny New Idea!

Also I drank a LOT of coffee...

Forgot my anniversary...

And mailed stuff.

(Note: I am almost caught up on mailing. My goal is to be done by the end of the week. There will be an announcement when I finish. And maybe a party.)

Also I went to a concert with my family, got to hug a lot of friends at book signings and gave up naps for Lent.

How was YOUR month?

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