Just updated my Asian-based fantasy list....

... if you want to see what I have so far, it's here. If you have a suggestion--and I do love suggestions--you can leave it here.

(I've gotten a couple recommendations that are actually dystopian and I'm not sure whether or not to include them, since the idea was originally for fantasy. Any thoughts on that would be welcome.)

In other news!

Writer's Digest has an interview and giveaway up right now for City of a Thousand Dolls. I talk about what I would do differently in my publishing journey and how my platfrom is mostly reblogging Hobbit pictures.

My brother-in-law and fellow blogger Nic Casey is also giving away a copy of City of a Thousand Dolls. Leave a comment by the end of February to win!

And if your curious to know the Big Idea behind City of a Thousand Dolls, (and how it was actually a very small idea), there's a guest post up today on the estimable Scalzi's blog that covers that very thing.

And finally, because I'm visiting North Idaho right now and it's snowing big fluffy flakes outside, here is a link to a photo of a fluffy puppy in the snow.

You're welcome. *grin*


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