Interviews, pretty things (SO PRETTY), and blog tour!

So much stuff going on, guys!!

To begin with, I have been places! Saying things!

Interview at the Book Yurt. (where I talk about my silliest author moment so far.)

Friday Feature and poster giveaway at A.L. Davroe's blog. (Where I discuss the reasons I didn't want Nisha to be a rebel.)

Author interview and signed book giveaway at Icey Books (Where I talk about snacks and the books I can't wait to read.)

If you miss hearing me talk about what goes on in my brain, those are good links to click. (And comments would not go amiss either, should you be inclined to leave any. *grin*)

Also, the Harper team did some EPIC things with City of a Thousand Dolls this week.

First they made these lovely quote cards.

And then yesterday, they put up this great map of the City.



And there is a blog tour!

I'll be stopping in to direct you to the posts but here's the basic schedule. (There may be giveaways, I don't know yet.) EDIT: I might have the dates a bit off, the tour might start on Tuesday. I will let you know. :)

Tuesday the 5th: Interview at More Than Just Magic

Wednesday the 6th: Interview at That's Swell

Thursday the 7th: Interview at  One Page at a Time

Friday the 8th:  Interview at Reading Lark

There are some more interviews coming out that week, including an interview and giveaway at Literary Rambles on the 4th, and I'll let you know about those as well.

And finally, City of a Thousand Dolls was named one of the top twenty most anticipated fantasy novels of February 2013 at The Ranting Dragon, and one of the best new books for the week of February 4th by Publisher's Weekly.

*more flailing*

FOUR DAYS LEFT! *goes in the corner to flail and die of excitement*


  1. Awesome Miriam. I loved your interview at A.L. Davore's blog and it was nice finding her blog. Happy, happy debut!

  2. Eep the quote cards are so purdy ^-^ I'm going to print and paste them to my quote wall in my bedroom ASAP \o/ hope that's OK!

  3. I have no problem with that. :)

  4. Congrats, Miriam! Super happy for you :) If ever you want to write something for my blog, or would let me interview you, you'd be welcome any time :) Not that my blog is as cool a place as yours, but y'know. It has some people on it. :)

  5. I'd be honored. :) And thank you! *hugs*

  6. Nice promo swag! Are they just graphics, or do you have physical ones to hand out?


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