Where I'll be next week...

In case any of you are in the area:

February 5th, 6pm

Rediscovered Bookshop, 
Boise, Idaho

February 8th, 7pm

Moscow, Idaho

February 10th, 1pm

Couer d'Alene, Idaho

This is basically just a mini tour where I go sign books in my town, my former town  and my parent's town. (Too many hometowns, I think.)  But if you happen to be in any of those places and want to come say hi, I'd love to see you.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of this traveling schedule, any prize books that I haven't already mailed won't be mailed until the middle of February. However all prizes should be mailed by the end of February.

Thank you for your attention, here's a cat with worried eyebrows.


  1. Wish I lived close enough to go. And don't forget your interview at Literary Rambles on Monday. Hope you'll shout out about it. Can't wait to share your awesome book.

  2. Eeeeeh, if only I were in Idaho! Or the USA. Or anywhere near you. Make sure you come to Britain one day, when you're ridiculously rich and famous ;)

  3. I know I have comments on this post, I have seen them in email. SO WHERE ARE THEY? *shakes Disqus firmly* 

  4. Oh there they are! 

  5. I'll do my best! And if writing doesn't get me there... maybe supervillainy will! *plots*

  6. Yay interview! I'm totally planning a shoutout. Thanks Natalie! 


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