Overdue updates and a chance to win CITY OF A THOUSAND DOLLS.

Hi guys!

So we made it to Portland and we're staying with friends while we look for an apartment and Dan settles into his new job and I try to make a tight editing deadline. I really want to keep blogging, but things will probably be a bit sporadic for a while.

On the plus side, I have a ton of books to give away, and as soon as we get settled and I can pull them out of storage there will be SO MANY CONTESTS.

(So many. Seriously.)

And speaking of contests, I found out today that Harper is giving away ten ARCs of City of a Thousand Dolls on Goodreads! It's only US and Canada, but still pretty awesome.


Now I have to go completely redo a character's backstory and motivations. And their death scene.



  1. Good luck with the apartment hunting and the writing. Looking forward to your contests.

  2. *sobs quietly because she can't enter the contest from the UK*
    Ah well, good luck with the moving in palaver! I know those feels.

  3. I've been reading your twitter updates. I can't wait for the contests here. :)


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