Sorry, just had to flail a bit.

We are finally moved into an apartment, with heat and all our stuff and everything. It took a ridiculously long time and I think my brain shut down from all the stress at one point because there's a stretch of about ten days that I really don't remember. (Perhaps I shall tell you the saga sometime. It's very saga-ish.)

Nevertheless! We did it. And now I can start getting my life--especially my Internet life--back.

Some updates.

I'm going to try and catch up with interviews this next week, but if you have an interview with me that you are waiting on, feel free to poke me.

2. Blog posting will still be sporadic, as there's no Internet at the house and I still have the Sword of Editing hanging over my head. But I promised contests and contests there will be!

3. Said contests might involve swag. And said swag might be kinda awesome.

*looks mysterious*

4. City of a Thousand Dolls releases in about five weeks. So that's terrifying.

5. You guys are amazing. I may not have been posting a lot, but I've been lurking tons. Some days, I swear, this little corner of the Internet was all that kept me sane. (Especially Tumblr. Thank you Tumblr.)



  1. Sane?! I think not, you are already nuts, maybe it kept you from going MORE insane, but that's all.  No internet?! You had the gas turned on before the internet?! Wow, totally screwed up priorities, I thought I taught you better. 

  2. Glad to have you back! Moving is always horrendous and I'd rather have heat before internet if it is cold! :D

  3. Hi! I just started following. I meant to tell you that your Tumblr is awesome, and beautifully designed (did you do it yourself??), but forgot. This blog looks fab, too, though. Good luck with all your big projects!

  4. Congrats on finding an apartment! 

  5. YAY TUMBLR! AND YAY YOU! So glad you're into your apartment and everything - and that countdown . . . I'm almost tempted to start counting for you, just to be irritating *grins*

  6. You did, Dad. But the gas people were just faster. :)

  7. YES. And it is cold. *piles on blankets* *and sweaters*

  8. Thank you! It's actually a Tumblr template I found, but the beautiful/terrible thing was mine.. I like yours too! 

  9. Thank you! 

  10. I'M SO ADDICTED CHARLEY. Like I want to compliment people on their shoelaces and reblog all the Pippin gifs. :)


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