Sorry, just had to flail a bit.

We are finally moved into an apartment, with heat and all our stuff and everything. It took a ridiculously long time and I think my brain shut down from all the stress at one point because there's a stretch of about ten days that I really don't remember. (Perhaps I shall tell you the saga sometime. It's very saga-ish.)

Nevertheless! We did it. And now I can start getting my life--especially my Internet life--back.

Some updates.

I'm going to try and catch up with interviews this next week, but if you have an interview with me that you are waiting on, feel free to poke me.

2. Blog posting will still be sporadic, as there's no Internet at the house and I still have the Sword of Editing hanging over my head. But I promised contests and contests there will be!

3. Said contests might involve swag. And said swag might be kinda awesome.

*looks mysterious*

4. City of a Thousand Dolls releases in about five weeks. So that's terrifying.

5. You guys are amazing. I may not have been posting a lot, but I've been lurking tons. Some days, I swear, this little corner of the Internet was all that kept me sane. (Especially Tumblr. Thank you Tumblr.)


Four ways to win City of a Thousand Dolls.

Hi all!

Still apartment hunting and walking around in the Portland rain and getting used to the idea of myself as  a city-dwelling writer person. Also working on the next Bhinian Empire book, which is a companion to City of a Thousand Dolls.

So while I'm doing that... there are a bunch of contests going on where you can win my book!

YA Highway has an ARC of City as part of their winter giveaway. There are also LOTS of other cool books and swag as well, so you should definitely enter that one. (Contest ends Friday, December 21st.)

Harper is giving away ten ARCs on Goodreads. (Contest ends Jan 15th.)

The EpicReads crew is giving away ten ARCs too! (ends Jan. 22nd)

And finally, my second post for the 2013 Debutante Event went up last week and you can win a signed hardcover of City of a Thousand Dolls and see some of the influences that went into the book. Plus this giveaway's international, which makes me super happy.  (ends Jan 15th)

So go forth and enter if you can. And keep watching the blog because at some point when I actually have a house and all my stuff is out of storage, there will be contests here too.

Also here is a gif of Grumpy Cat.

I hope everyone is having a great winter!

City of a Thousand Dolls gets a starred review!!!!!!

Remember that secret I had last week? This is it.

Publisher's Weekly gave my book a starred review!!!!

I'm completely fuddled. A starred review is one of those things that you imagine in daydreams, the kind that sneak up on you and whisper in your ear. What if...  And then you shake yourself and remind yourself to be realistic and get back to work. And then it happens and it totally doesn't feel real.

I think my favorite part is that they summarized my book so nicely, something I still struggle with. "It's about...um... murders...and cats....and there's stuff...." *flail*

This is my favorite line.

Set in a magically isolated Empire with a strict caste system, a two-child limit, and telepathic cats....  

I think that says it all, really.

 And now I must dance the Dance of Glee!

Interviews, obsessions and favorite things.

Hello all!

Still couch-surfing and apartment hunting here in Portland. It's a fun town. (I got to go to Powell's this weekend and HOLY CRAP BOOKS EVERYWHERE.)

I miss you guys and blogging though. It's hard when there are so many things going on. AND I have news that I can't share yet! *eep*

But I will be able to tell you stuff next week. And until then, there's this...

I'm part of the 2013 Debut Event over at Badass Bookie, and my first post just went up today. So if you want to see my dream dress and hear me gush about dinosaurs, antropology and the Avengers, come on down!

(And while you're there, check out the other debuts. There are some great contests and posts up.)

*darts off to do more THINGS*

Overdue updates and a chance to win CITY OF A THOUSAND DOLLS.

Hi guys!

So we made it to Portland and we're staying with friends while we look for an apartment and Dan settles into his new job and I try to make a tight editing deadline. I really want to keep blogging, but things will probably be a bit sporadic for a while.

On the plus side, I have a ton of books to give away, and as soon as we get settled and I can pull them out of storage there will be SO MANY CONTESTS.

(So many. Seriously.)

And speaking of contests, I found out today that Harper is giving away ten ARCs of City of a Thousand Dolls on Goodreads! It's only US and Canada, but still pretty awesome.


Now I have to go completely redo a character's backstory and motivations. And their death scene.


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