Moving, moving, omg moving.

I've been putting this blog post off, partly because I'm so overwhelmed and partly I think because if I put it in the blog it will be real and then maybe the universe will explode or something.

Okay, maybe it's not that much of a big thing.

We are moving to Portland.

We didn't intend to move to Portland. After Dan graduated, we moved back to Boise, Idaho, the place where we had started our married life. We wanted to live here and work here and build our lives in this place where we had so many memories and so many friends.

But it didn't work. Dan couldn't find a job, I couldn't seem to find my footing and neither one of us really felt like we fit. We were living with my in-laws, who are gracious people, but it wasn't home.

Then it happened. A chance conversation with a friend, an opening in another town and a job offer we couldn't--and didn't really want to--refuse. And now we're off to Portland at the end of the month.

Perhaps I am afraid to say "I'm moving to Portland" too loudly or too excitedly. Because I am a storyteller and I know that while defeat is never permanent, neither is victory. Because I am a pessimist and an anxious person, and because this is such a big thing, a thing I was not expecting and have no plans for.

And I'm going to miss Boise. I'll miss my bookstore job and my friends here and the comfort of always knowing how to get where I want to go.

But part of me is SO excited. I've wanted to live on the West Coast for a long time, and when you add in the wonderful proliferation of local bookstores, the proximity of one of my best friends and the fact that I might actually be able to become a full time writer...

It's a bit like a dream come true.

Which is kind of scary.

Am I alone in this? Does anyone else get scared when unexpected good things happen?


  1. I think it's great opportunity, Miriam! :) I've always believed that we shouldn't question the blessings that are given to us and I'm positive that this happened for a reason. I guess a scenery change IS good! :D Good luck with the move, Miriam and I hope you get settled in well. <3

    Louisse @ The Soul Sisters

    PS. Good luck packing too, it's when you get really sentimental. ;)

  2. IYes, I sure can relate to being anxious about the unknown! 
     Your going to Love it in Portland, and Boise is close enough to visit.
    Enjoy this next chapter in you life!

  3. Portland and Boise are both cool cities, but overall, Portland has the edge. Congrats!

  4. Oh absolutely! Something good happens and you know you haven't done anything to deserve it, so you figure something bad is going to happen shortly thereafter to make up for the good thing that happened. It's a terribly pagan mindset to have and a shockingly easy one to adopt. Just thank God and remember that the city to which you are moving holds one of the largest bookstores in the lower 48.


  5. Yay! Thanks! My husband's going to work down the street from the library. I'm very stoked. 

  6. *tacklehugs Arwen* 

    YOU MUST COME TO VISIT MEEEEEEEE. We will go to Powell's and get gloriously lost! 

  7. I'm sure there are lots of people who get scared when unexpected good things happen. Change, in any form, can be scary. Me, I like things to get shaken up on a regular basis. But I'm weird like that.

    YAY PORTLAND! I think you will love it. POWELL's BOOKS!! (need I say more?). Progressive, hip, READERS, artsy... have you seen the show Portlandia?

    Welcome to the West Coast, Baby!

  8. Absolutely! There's always fear that comes with change. But I'm glad new opportunities have opened up for you!

  9. That's awesome! I've always wanted to go to Portland. Hopefully on my next US trip. Good luck!!


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