The post previously known as "Untitled." (Or Miriam writes about fantasy and forgets the title because her brain is toast.)

I was going to post this yesterday, but fell asleep. :)

Las week, I had the honor of visiting with one of the local junior high's Nanowrimo group. It was a blast. The kids loved to talk about what they were working on, and we talked about how to get out of stuck places and solve different story problems. I had so much fun.

I also was asked to give a small talk as well, and since a lot of the kids were writing fantasy, I thought some fantasy tips were in order. And because I'm SUPER adult these days, (ha) I made a handout, which I thought you guys might like. 

So here it is! 

Miriam’s Five Tips for Writing Fantasy
(Or Science Fiction.)
(Or Pretty Much Anything, Really,)

1. Read a lot of fantasy.

     a. Reading helps you learn the genre.
     b. Reading gives you a respect for what you’re writing.

2. Learn from other genres.

     a. From historical novels—worldbuilding
     b. From literature—voice and language
     c. From romantic movies/books—character building
     d. From mysteries/Thrillers—plotting and suspense

3. Characters need love too. (and I’m not talking about romance.)

     a. Your characters should be as well-developed as your world.
     b. Action should never take the place of growth.
     c. The more fantastic your world is, the more authentic and grounded your characters need to be.
     d. Characters still have to solve their own problems.
         i. Magic can’t fix everything.
         ii. Not all problems are external.

4. You can make your own rules, as long as you keep them.

     a. Fantasy is not a license to do whatever you want.
     b. Unlimited power is boring.
     c. No deus ex macina.

5. Do something cool and HAVE FUN.

So that's the outline. What do you think? Anything you'd like me to elaborate on in my next post?


  1. Good post, and the list is right on. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks Jan! I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving too. :)


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