Happy "The Election's Almost Over" Day!!

I've been pretty obvious about my dislike of politics and the political climate. I've been online less, and less interactive, and all the political posts and stuff I've had to wade through in my news feeds has been a big part of that.


At eight o'clock tomorrow morning, I'm planning to be at the polls when they open. I'm going to vote before work to make sure that I have time to participate.

I may not like politics.

I may be grumpy and cynical about the system.

But I'm going to vote anyway.

Because a long time ago a lot of people worked very hard to make sure I could.

Because I believe my voice is important, even if others are louder.

And because Hank Green said to.

So go vote if you can. It's important.

For everyone not in the U.S. today, Happy Tuesday! Have a baby otter.

found at cuteoverload.com


  1. Already done it and there was a line by 6:30 waiting to vote. It is important to have our voices heard.

  2. Yay! Baby otters!
    Not being in the US, I have little to say that matters on the vote, but big ups for valuing it! I spent a year studying the suffrage movement in Britain, and I can't wait to vote now!

  3. Agreed! I actually went to early voting so that I could avoid lines. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. P.S....the otter was adorable!

  4. Exactly Natalie! 

  5. I love baby otters. And being able to vote. :)

  6. I kind of wish I'd done early voting, but the lines weren't too bad that morning. Next time I will though. :)


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