On being in limbo

I have a confession. I hate limbo.

The time between moving out of one house and moving into another.
The time between quitting one job and finding another.
The time between leaving old friends and making new ones.
The time between finishing one project and starting the next one.
The time between turning in a draft and getting feedback.

All those times when there's nothing you can do but wait and regroup. I hate those times.

Limbo makes me cranky. I feel like there's no solid ground under my feet, that there's no way to get momentum. I eat too much suger and spend too much time on the Internet and basically flail like a cat on a slippery kitchen floor.

It's not pretty.

I wish this was a post telling you how to get through limbo with grace and dignity. Sadly I've never been known for my dignity.  (Seriously. Have you seen this yet? Case closed.)

So I don't do dignity. But I'm trying to get better at the grace part. I feel like I fail at a lot of things when I'm in limbo, and sometimes it's discouraging.

But I can give myself grace. I can take pride in the things I do right, the times I am productive. And when I'm not, when I have a bad day and stay up too late and cut myself off from the world, I can forgive myself and start again the next day. It's a little like swimming out of the deep end of a pool. Sometimes you swim and sometimes you float, but if you just keep moving in the right direction, at some point you'll feel the tile under your feet again.

So I just have to keep swimming. And maybe sneaking some treats as well.

Just because.

What do you do when you're in limbo?


  1. I recommend doing some cooking or canning--nothing like digging into some real-world goodness to make yourself feel better (and you can eat the results).

    Also, if you are a video gamer, I highly recommend the game "Limbo." It's spooky but lovely and fun!

  2. I'm rarely between projects, because I always have old drafts to edit - the question is whether or not I can be bothered to start the new one! However, I hate in-between times. I generally use them as an excuse to watch lots of TV and read books because they're low-stress activities.

  3. When I'm in limbo, I eat chocolate, read a great book, enjoy the sunshine!

  4. Mmmm.... delicious eating...  

    Part of the problem is we're still at my inlaws, so my cooking opportunities are rare. But I've been going to a nearby gym to bike and that's helping. :)

  5. MIRIAM! *tacklehugs* Yes! Lots of TV and books. Maybe too much. *coughs* Not that I would know...

    I thought about pulling out an old project to work on, but I don't know when my editor is going to get back to me and I don't want to be in the middle of something else.

    Maybe I should start writing short stories?  

  6. I approve this plan! *stamps approval onto comment* 


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