In which I become an obsessed fangirl

So a weird thing happens when you finish a book, especially one you have to drag, kicking and screaming, out of your head. You run on stress and coffee and creative angst for SO LONG and then, after it's over, you just.... collapse.

And sometimes you get sick.

So I've been collapsed and ill and very, very fuzzy in the brain. And all I want to do--actually pretty much all I have done for the last week--is look up Avengers fanart and pine for the movie.

I'm obsessed, you guys.

Some of you know this is not the first time. I have a special obsessive gene that runs in my family. But since I can't watch the movie over and over, I've been obsessing over the fandom. And I love it. I love the art and the humor and the ships and I've even started reading some fanfiction, which is a thing I've never really done, but is SO COOL when it's done right and it made me laugh out loud which is really hard to do and it just makes me happy.

So come! Discuss the Avengers with me! Do you like it? Hate it? Who's your favorite? Anyone want to join me on the good ship Clint-and-Natasha-Should-Totally-Have-Their-Own-Movie-And-Also-Kiss?



  1. I only just watched it (like last week), and while I enjoyed all the Joss Whedon humour, I didn't love it. But it was certainly a fun film, and the guy who plays Thor is super hot!

    I'm not actually a big fan of comic book adaptions. In fact, the only ones I've really liked is Nolan's Batman trilogy, and I think that's because I worship at the church of Christopher Nolan.

  2. My name isn't coming up on the above comment, but it's me, Jade, your favourite Aussie!

  3. Ha ha! My name *did* come up. Now I'm just the crazy lady who keeps replying to herself. If the shoe fits...

  4. Hahaha, you are my favorite FOR THIS REASON ALONE. 

    I think Chris Nolan did a great job as Batman, and TDKR looks epic. But me and my head space need something a little And I had more sheer fun at the Avengers than I've had at a movie in YEARS. 

    But I'll have to see the third Batman if for no other reason than Joseph Gordon Levitt. Because I love him and he's adorable. :)

  5. I loved Avengers - but I pretty much get all fangirly over anything Joss Whedon.  I can't decide who my favorite is - there's an awful lot of eye candy in that movie, and great characters as well.  I definitely agree with you that Clint and Natasha need their own movie(s).

  6. See, for me Joss is hit-or-miss. Obviously Buffy was pretty awesome, and Firefly was great. But some of his other stuff just doesn't hold my attention. 

    However. Give him a movie full of dysfunctional superheros and a hefty snark requirement, and the man is BRILLIANT. I don't think there was a single line of Mark Ruffalo's that I didn't love. (he's my favorite)

  7. I LOVE the Avengers! Seriously. Can't wait for it to come out next week! :D Tony Stark may be my favorite. And Thor's arm muscles. And voice. And Captain America's body... And I LOVE Mark Ruffalo. And Clint and Natasha would be so cute! Okay, I'll stop now. Can you tell I'm a huge fangirl? :)

  8. Yay fangirls! 

    Seriously, I love them all for different reasons, which is one of the things the movie did really really well, IMO. They're all so different and they have different strengths and personalities and watching those personalities mesh makes me super happy. :D

  9. My favourite is clearly Loki. As you are well aware because you have seen my Tumblr brain-splat.
    On the other hand, I love Hawkeye (considering I do three/four hours of archery a week, how could I not?) and Black Widow (badass girls for the win). And Iron Man because he is so misunderstood by the others, especially Cap, and I totally ship FrostIron. And all of them really.


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