Finishing what I start.

Like a lot of you, I have a huge To-Be-Read pile. A HUGE one.
Okay, maybe not that huge. Still, it's a little overwhelming. And it's given rise to something I've dubbed Shiny New Book syndrom. 

The Shiny New Book works a lot like the Shiny New Idea. It comes in the middle of the book you're reading and goes "Hey! I'm shiny! Read me instead!" But as soon as you hit your stride in that book, ANOTHER book comes along and the cycle starts all over again. 

Now this has nothing to do with the quality of the book. I leave books all the time because they don't pull me in or I'm not invested enough. This is a different thing. It has to do with me getting into bad habits and not being able to focus on one thing at a time.  I swear to you I haven't actually finished a book in over a month. And that's no good. 

So this weekend I'm going to start catching up on my reading. Here are just some of the great books I started that I need to finish. 

SO MUCH GOODNESS, RIGHT? So now I just have to figure out where to start.

Have you ever had Shiny New Book Syndrome? What do you do?


  1. Shiny New Book / Idea syndrome is the bane of my existence. I solve New Book by simply reading more than one book at a time, because I'm one of those lucky people who can do that without getting too tangled between stories.

    Shiny Idea, admittedly, I have no defence against. I always tell myself I can go back to the old idea, and I inevitably never do. I could really use some pointers on that front xD

  2. Definitely read What's Left of Me. It's so awesome. I don't finish books that don't pull me in anymore. I have too many books to read. I may have to pass on some of the books I can't read on my blog because my stack is driving me nuts.

  3. Normally I'd agree with you. But they're all SO GOOD in different ways. I just can't sit stil long enough to enjoy them! I've been really antsy lately. :)

  4. Pointers, you say.... Interesting. *steeples fingers* 

    Normally I'm okay with the book multitasking. But it's gotten to the point where I've started something like seven books. I just need to finish them. *sigh*

  5. I so know what you mean!  One of the pleasures of reading so many writing blogs is that I keep finding new books I want to read, but sometimes the length of my list makes me feel suffocated.  I don't usually read more than one novel at a time, but it takes me forever to get through the other books (right now I think I have 5 that I'm "reading") because I keep wanting to pick up the next exciting novel.  And sometimes, even though I put books on my list because I WANT to read them, I rebel against having my reading dictated by a list and pick-up something off the new book shelves at the library.  I also really want to go back and re-read some of my favorites right now, but I'm trying to at least get through the stack of library books on my table first.  Sigh.

  6. Oh yes. I'm with you on the stack. Only mine are borrowed books. *sigh* Dang you book blogs and reviews! Why do you make everything sound so AWESOME? 

  7. I'm with Natalie. What's Left of Me got me over a 'need to finish this book but not really enjoying it so not wanting to pick it up' phase and into a 'really don't want to put this book down but I've got to sleep and go to work' period. I loved it.
    Of course I've not read the others so they maybe just as good.

  8. I totally have that! I just didn't know there was a name for it ;) Great term. I just picked up a book that I'd read the first few chapters of years ago. Seriously, it had a Borders sticker on it and was only 5.99. Funny thing is, I'm really, really enjoying it. I wonder what Shiny New Book made me put it aside those many years ago. Mmmm.

  9. I ALWAYS have the Shiny New Book problem. In fact, you gave it to me the other day, when the parcel containing City of a Thousand Dolls arrived and I promptly dropped 'Feast For Crows' (part 2) - not literally dropped, it doesn't belong to me - and sat down to read the whole thing in two hours. 
    I'm still stuck on Feast For Crows and my friend wants it back tomorrow. Eek.
    I bought a book today, actually, by an author I LOVE, but I am waiting until I've finished FFC before I start it because DUDE I've been reading that book since the beginning of August and it's shameful that I haven't finished it.

  10. They're all pretty amazing. That's part of my problem! *sighs*

  11. Hey, that's happened to me! You start reading a book and get distracted, then finally read it and think "Why didn't I read this sooner?" 

    Ah the mysteries of being a bookworm... :)


    Also, I hope you liked it. :)

  13. I confess it is not very hard to pull me away from it. I'd been reading that thing FOREVER and no longer had any idea what was going on or who was a good person or what. Ugh. I can't keep track of books if it takes me more than a week to read them and that took me 2 months.

    I did indeed like it! I wish I wrote a review at the time I finished it, though, because I've read three other books since then and can't remember my initial reactions. Ehehe!


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