I'm back! (and other various updates)

Hello lovely bloggy friends! I've missed you!

Feels like the week went by way too fast, one of those weeks where I did too much but didn't get enough done. So it goes...

Some updates!

1. Don't forget my flash fiction contest! Write 1000 words or less and win an ARC of City of a Thousand Dolls, or a couple other awesome prizes.

Just click HERE for more details!

2. Check out the new digs!  Aren't they swanky?

*deducts 40 cool points from self for use of the word 'swanky'*

Seriously though, I hope you like it. There's still a bit of header-tweaking and updating-of-lists to do, but that will have to wait for a while because....

3.  I'm going to a family reunion this weekend.

It will either be awesome fun or a festival of awkwardness. There's no way to know.  What can be known is that it is going to eat my entire weekend. Seriously. My to-do list in the next few days is outrageous.

But I can't bring myself to mind too much because it's in Seattle and the air will be CLEAN, which is more than I can say for Boise.

4. See this map? The little dots are big fires. And that nice valley in the lower left of Idaho, smack in the middle of all the smoke? That's where I live.

(Also, poor Nevada. Stay safe, Nevada!)

The air here is currently swinging between Bad-For-Children-And-Old-People-And-Cats-With-Respiratory-Issues, (otherwise known as level orange) and Bad-For-Freaking-Everyone-For-The-Love-Of-God-Stay-Inside. (That's level red)

5. I don't feel good. 

6. It's making it kind of hard to concentrate on my work.

7. Especially the second book. 

8. Which is due at the end of the month. 

9. This second book is a secret. It may not be a sequel. It may be something entirely different. But it will be set in the same world. And if it doesn't kill me, it should be kind of awesome.

10. Also awesome is that I was interviewed by Sabrii's wonderful Romanian book blog. The translated version made me giggle. I just hope I sounded more coherent in the original language!

The link is here. 

11. This list thing is kind of fun.

12. But I have to stop.

13. Because of the aforementioned deadline

14. And the reunion

15. And the seven hundred other things I have to get done before the end of the month.

16. So it goes....

How have you been? What did you do this week? I'm curious!

Or not....

EDIT: Omg, guys Writeoncon started today! How could I forget! It's a totally free online writing conference and you need to check it out. Lots of awesome authors giving awesome advice and awesome prizes of critiques and books and things. (I donated a critique too!)

Also, my cat made the intro video!


  1. Hi Miriam! I like the new look of the blog. I'm totally going to check out Writeoncon. The intro video kind of wigged out my eyes, but still, sounds like fun! Have fun at your family reunion (and breathing clear air - yikes, that's a lot of fires!).

  2. charlotterobsonauthorAugust 15, 2012 at 3:20 AM

    Hiya! What a life of excitement you ahve there - stay safe, though! My nazgul flying rescue team are busy at the moment, so I'm afraid my aid is somewhat beyond reach al momento.

    That second book, though . . . my "I want to know!" senses are tingling so much it nearly hurts.

    'Grats on Writecon! Your awesomeness deserves it ;)

  3. When your nazguls are free, do send them over here. I'm wheezing myself to death. :(

  4. Thanks! And the video kind of wigged out my eyes too. Everyone went by so fast! :)


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