Sunday cute and updates.

via the wonderful folks at @emergencypuppy

(doesn't he just look like he needs a cape?)

Some updates! 

1.) My husband left yesterday to go to California for a week and took my laptop. Which means I'll be online a little less, as the iPad isn't quite as user-friendly for commenting and whatnot.

2.) BUT, it is fabulous for first drafting without distraction.

3.) Which means I can get a lot of work done on this stinking second book.

4.) Which refuses to be finished and is currently sitting on my computer MAKING FACES AT ME.

5.) So I'm going to be writing a lot next week, in a very Nanowrimo sort of way.

6.) But there won't be a lot of online stuff.

7.) We are however, getting close to deciding on our winners for the cover contest! The winners should go up next Sunday.

8.) AND I'm having a contest tomorrow, in which you will get a chance to WIN BOOKS. So you should totally come back tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Eeee, good luck with the second book! Starting a new project is always good fun after a long slog. Even if it does make evil faces at you.

    Enjoy yourself! I'm going to vanish on the fabled Oddesy of Family Visitation, so it seems our disappearances from the internet are well co-incided indeed!

  2. Thank you Charley! I hope you enjoyed the Family Visitation!


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