More questions for you!

First off, THANK YOU everyone for spreading the word about my contest, and a special thank you with kittens to everyone who entered it. You are all awesome. I hope to announce the winners sometime next week.

found at

(Note: The ARCs are still printing, and I don't know where they are in the process. But as soon as I get them, I'll send the prizes out.)

Second, thanks and hugs to those of you who weighed in on what series I should do next. A lot of you seemed interested in more worldbuilding posts and first draft tips, which is great, but that means I still need some help to narrow it down.

So, what do you want to know about worldbuilding specifically? Any special problems? The same goes for first drafts.  Where do you get stuck?

You tell me.

What do you want to know?


  1. Will you have any e-ARCs to share???

  2. How much info. is too much in world building?

  3. Oo, that's a good one!

  4. I don't know!!!!  I've emailed my editor to ask. :)


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