More ARC pictures!

Guys, ARC went wandering around the house today and I managed to snap a few pictures!

ARC on a chair!

My, what an attractive cover you have, ARC! 
You're looking quite fetching today. 

ARC having a late night snack.

Stay out of the fridge, ARC. You don't even drink milk. 

ARC taking a sneak peek at the second book.

No, no ARC! You'll find spoilers!

ARC, looking adorable with a stuffed spotted cat that my husband brought me from the San Diego Zoo.


ARC learning bad habits from our real cat, Kona. (aka Sneaky Bastard Cat)

Kona had to be bribed with tuna to take this picture. 
Not a good influence, ARC.

Happy author, happy ARC.

Not so happy cat, but he got tuna so I don't feel bad for him. 

Do you have any ideas for where ARC should go next? 


  1. I like Sneaky Bastard! It looks like he won a gold medal at the Olympics.

    Take some pics around town: buildings, eateries, coffee shops, parks, etc.

  2. Very sweet photo of you, the ARC, and Kona together :-)

  3. Yes, a gold medal in SNEAKINESS. :)

    Great ideas, thanks! 

  4. Aww, thanks! He's so cute when he's sitting still. (Kona is, I mean. *grin*)

  5. Sneaky Bastard Cat . . . several of my Sneaky Bastard Characters send their regards to him! xD

    Oh oh oh, take it out and get piccies of it around your area! You'll get so many weird looks, but it will be SO worth it!

  6. ARC and its author should come to CdA!!!

  7. Kona isn't much on regards, he prefers adulation. And treats. But for your sneaky characters, he'll make an exception. :)

  8. Hahaha. ARC might not be able to afford a ticket for a while.... 

  9. Into my hands? Happy teacher/bookseller! ;)

  10. ARC should take a trip to my house. xD

    You should take ARC to a museum and take pics of it with exhibits that are related to the novel in some way. :) That'd be sweet.

  11. Aww, I wish I could send you one! :)

  12. That would be really cool. I'll have to check and see what our local museum has on display! :)


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