Cover Contest Winners!!!!!

At last, the winners of the cover contest! The judges panel was very divided on this, and each entry had a cheerleader. But in the end, (as promised in the original post) we settled on a top five and let the random number generator do the rest.

And the winners are....

Grand Prize:

Winner of a set of signed Lois Lowry books, a journal and a City of a Thousand Dolls ARC.

First Runner Up:

Winner of a signed set of Alaine Fergeson's Forenic mysteries, a journal and a City of a Thousand Dolls ARC.

Second Runner Up:

Winner of a signed copy of Matthew Kirby's Edger-Award winning book Icefall and a City of a Thousand Dolls ARC.

Honorable Mentions:

Winners of a fifteen-dollar gift card to an online bookseller.

And here's where I hit a snag. I couldn't just not recognize the other entries not when everyone did such a fantastic job. So if you entered the contest and did not win, I will send you a five-dollar gift card to the online bookseller of your choice.

So to sum up:


If you all will email me your addresses/gift card preferences, I'll start sending out prizes. And stay tuned. August is the *eep* start of the six-month countdown to City of a Thousand Dolls releasing, and I have another great contest in store.

Thank you so much for entering, everyone!


  1. Gah! Blogger, Y U N LET ME FIX TYPOS!!! *scowl* 

  2. Great choices! Congrats everyone!

  3. Way coooool!! I'm so excited about my prizes! (yay, Icefall and an ARC of your book!!). Thanks much for this contest. Some of the entries I saw on your Facebook. Will we be able to see the others--are they in one place?

  4. Oh my god! Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

  5. Assdfgghjkdiwixnskauwhdnxofhwhdodusndjdieo!
    Erm. Sorry about my hyperness. I will be more coherent, I've been on a coach for twelve hours, so...

  6. Miriam--I really just wanted to celebrate with you!  Put mine toward the next contest, okay?  :D

  7. Congrats everyone! (and thank you, Mirjam)
    I still am going to get my hands on a copy of  "city of a thousand dolls', I'll see to that :-) *Insert evil laughter here*

  8. Yaaaay, well done Miriam Joy!! (my co-author is awesome, did you know? Because she is awesome. And she's my co-author *grins*)

  9. I'm so excited to send it to you! You'll love Icefall, it's fantastic. :)

  10. You're welcome! Thanks for such a great submission!

  11. Hahahahaha. Excellent. *rubs hands together in a slightly evil fashion*

  12. Awww, Johanna! You're awesome. *hugs*

  13. *arches eyebrow* I'm afraid I cannot endorse illegal actions to get this book. *slips Irene a set of lockpicks*

  14. She is awesome! And her co-author's kind of cool too! 


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