A late post on random things

Whew, I'm back!

Sorry about not posting yesterday, everyone. I had to make an unexpected trip up north to deal with some family business and I just got back last night. (That's also why I haven't commenting or updating much.)

But now I've returned and I'm looking forward to catching up with you all. I've missed my awesome blog friends!

Speaking of awesome blog friends, I'm issuing a call for guest posts! I'm tired of talking about myself all the time, and I'd love to have some of you over to chat.

Obviously posts on writing or things-no-one-told-you would be grand, but I'll consider any topic as long as it's entertaining and creates conversation. If you want to write a guest post, send me an email at miriamforsterauthor (at) gmail (dot) com, with your name, the subject you want to write on, and a link to your blog if you have one.

(Also, don't forget my City of a Thousand Dolls art contest! There's only three entries so far, so your chances are super awesome.)

In other, more random news, I made a dinosaur board on Pinterest. Because DINOSAURS ARE AWESOME.

And I have this infographic I've been meaning to put up, made by a lovely gal named Jen R., who emailed me to ask if I wanted to take a look at it. It's about Wikipedia and the encyclopedia and how Wikipedia is redefining research.

Via: Open-Site.org

Cool, right? I admit that while I love Wikipedia, the idea that no one is writing this information down anymore makes me a bit uneasy. Electronic information can be so easily manipulated, and while I know the staff at Wikipedia keeps a close eye on that sort of thing, it raises all kinds of distopia-ish scenarios in my mind.

Of course, I'm an over-imaginative, pessimistic person, which is why I'm a writer. What do you think?


  1. "while I know the staff at Wikipedia keeps a close eye on that sort of
    thing, it raises all kinds of distopia-ish scenarios in my mind."

    I never thought about it! Now it's in my mind too and you creep-ed me out :O
    I see myself thinking about it for days and even telling it to friends...what have you done...

  2. Hehehehe. I feel simultaneously guilty and delighted, in an evil sort of way. 

    *rubs hands together evilly*

  3. I use Wikipedia all the time for quick reference and often as a jumping off point for more in depth research.

    I hear (or read) a lot of  discussions about the pros and cons of Wikipedia since I work in a university library.  My personal feeling is that it's a great tool, but that like other tools, it should be used with caution and fact checking in other reputable sources.

    I am very fond of print books though, and the idea of information only being collected in such an ephemeral place as the internet does disturb me somewhat.  (Not that books are permanent either, I guess, being susceptible to fire, water, etc, but you can actually hold them in your hand, which makes them feel more real, you know?)

  4. It's like Feed. Wikipedia in your brain. :O

  5. I can't imagine a world without Wikipedia! I do all my early/basic research there.

  6. Oooh, interesting. Also, I will be working on my contest entry from Wednesday of this week onwards, because that's when I finish my exams. Also, I would happily write you a guest post if I think of anything to write about :D

  7. I know exactly what you mean. I like the feel of books and knowing that someone can't go in and change things right away. Of course that means if the books are wrong, they stay wrong... 

    But I do love Wikipedia. :)

  8. And if anyone doubts it, just look back at what happened when Wikipedia shut down for the day. Everyone FREAKED OUT. :)

  9. I agree. It's an excellent way to do basic research, especially because the articles are so broad. I'm always picking up new facts and trails I didn't know about. But then I have to double check them to make sure they're real. 

  10. Yayyyyy!!! And if you know any arty friends, you should get them to do one too. I need more entries. :) 

    (Of course, if no one else enters, everyone is sure to win, lol.)


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