ARCs I've read this week

It's time to put on my bookseller hat and talk about books!

So one of the fabulous things about working at a bookstore is I have access to a WHOLE SHELF BOOKSHELF of ARCs. Since Monday, I've read three books and I'm getting into my fourth, which makes me super happy.

Anyway, since the books I've read are all pretty good so far, I thought I'd let you know what they were.

"Pretty good" does not even begin to cover this book. OMG HOLY CRAP DID THAT JUST HAPPEN AMAZINGNESS is a much better way to describe it. And I can't tell you much about it without including spoilers. Let's just say, you should read it. RIGHT NOW.

Status: Released

Good for: WWII buffs and people who like adventures, spies, friendship and amazing writing. Also good for writers to study the amazing twists and narrative flow.

I've read SRB's The Demon's Lexicon and have the rest of that series in my to-read pile, and I love her sense of humor. So when I saw this piece of Gothic awesomeness on the shelf, I snagged it. It was HILARIOUS. She plays with the conventions of the genre very well, and her characters were the kind of people I'd love to hang out with.

Status: Out September 11th, 2012

Good for: Anyone who loves Gothic stories, brave heroines and sassy one-liners.

As someone who has a tendency towards anxiety, this book was a really interesting, if somewhat intense read. It starts out a bit dark (and with more adult material) but ends up as a hopeful and honest exploration of what brings about anxiety for this particular person, what anxiety is in general and how one goes about living with it.

Status: Out July 3rd, 2012

Good for: People who have anxiety or want to understand it better.

I'm only part-way into this one, but it is an intensely lush and amazing world and the story is compelling. I'm excited to read the rest.

Status: Out June 5th, 2012

Read any good books lately?


  1. I really like the look of that "unspoken" cover! 

  2. Oh I'll definitely check out Outspoken. You're so lucky that you get ARCs so easily. I so wish I did for my blog. I have to contact the publishers and hope I'll get a few. I just finished Rock of Ivanore that was really good and am about 1/3 through Selection.

  3. It's really pretty! And I here the hardback is going to have gold foil or something else shiny on the leaf bits. :)

  4. Unspoken & Code Name Verity are two of my favorites from the year so far!

  5. I wouldn't get very many if I didn't work there. I'm not even book blogger enough to get them from the publisher, I have to beg them from my editor. :)

  6. I KNOW! I stayed up waaay too late because I had to finish the last few chapters of Unspoken RIGHT NOW. And Code Name Verity was just....AHHH!  *faints*


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