Let's play connect the dots! (er...links...)

Every morning I get up and click through Twitter to see what's been happening while I was asleep. Since most of the people I follow are full of awesome, there are usually one or two links to interesting articles for me to read as well. 

This morning the articles I read were both inspiring and strangely connected. (Sadly, I have lost my morning place in the twitterstream and can't remember who I got these from. So thanks to anyone who linked to these articles. Next time I'll take better notes.)

I clicked on this mainly because watching people pretend to be the Incredible Hulk amuses me to no end. Because I haven't seen the movie, I was expecting some entertainment and not much else.

What I got was a startling, on-point essay (in all caps) about the difference between real and assumed empathy and the need for dramatic and contradictory characters in storytelling. Awesome stuff.

And speaking of The Avengers....

Joss Wedon's open letter of thanks to his fans. 

Which was very interesting indeed in the light of this article about the power and importance of fandom.

Whatever JW's faults are--and there are seem to be things he could have done differently--I think it's safe to say that he's someone who respects his fans. And they have repaid him by building one of the most loyal and fanatical fandoms in TV/movie history.

All in all, my morning's reading gave me lots of food for thought. It also made me hope that if you guys ever see me disregarding or disrespecting my readers and followers, that you give me a slap upside the head. Because you--you wonderful, fanatical story-lovers--are important. And I appreciate you.

Have you read anything lately that made you think? Please share in the comments! 

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