On anxiety and blanket forts

There's a lot going on in our little corner of the universe right now. In less than a month, I'm quitting my job--the one I've had for almost a decade. Husband is graduating and we're moving back to Boise at the end of June where we will both have new careers. 

And as if a new apartment and a new job wasn't enough, I'm trying to write this new Scary Project. And working on the cover reveal for City of a Thousand Dolls.  AND coming to terms with the idea that in a few months there will be ARCs and people I DON'T KNOW will be reading my book and maybe hating it, AAAAAHHHHH!

So yeah. A little anxious over here.  

Husband is also stressed about the move, his last semester and getting a new job. And when two strange, off-beat people get overloaded with anxiety, strange and off-beat things tend to happen. Like this, for example:

Yep. That's a blanket fort in our living room. We built it around our futon one night, when we were both feeling overwhelmed and anti-everything. Then we filled it with blankets and pillows and a little heater I own that looks like a fireplace.

It was like camping! Only with Netflix.

The cat was super-fascinated by the whole thing. And more than slightly obsessed with the mike stand we used as a tent pole.

We took everything down the next day, but I think we both felt a little better. Life can be scary, and as I've stated before, I'm not particularly brave.

And sometimes, you just need to build a blanket fort.

So if you need an escape, come on in. My tent flap is always open.

What do you do when you're anxious? 

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