In which I wear the cone of shame

Some of you might have noticed there was no weekend post this week.  That's because I was a bad blogger and didn't pre-schedule one. Then I went to a writer's conference and didn't end up bringing my laptop and a whole host of other inconvenient things happened.


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But hey, it's a good lesson. When planning to be out of town, make sure you have a post scheduled already and don't count on being able to blog while you're gone. *makes note*

I did have an excellent time though. And I continued my gathering of cool-things-for-future-contest. *cackles evilly* One thing I didn't have much of though, was Internet. So if there was any craziness or drama in the writing community this weekend, I missed it. 

So loop me in, odd ones.* What did I miss?

*ten points for anyone who knows where that line came from.

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