Updates and a goose story.

1. Yes, it's Tuesday and not Monday. Sorry about that. I was going to put up a short blog yesterday but the only times we were back at our hotel, my husband was using the laptop.  But we're home now and blogging should go back to its regular schedule.

2. Speaking of blogging, don't forget to enter my contest to win What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen! It ends tomorrow, so be sure and comment before then.

3. Where did we go? Well for a delayed anniversary trip, my husband arranged for us to stay a couple of nights in the Historical Davenport Hotel in Spokane, which was lovely and SUPER fancy.

This is the hotel lobby. THE LOBBY. *swoon*

We spent yesterday mostly wandering around downtown Spokane and Riverfront Park. Which was where I met the goose.

4. Yes, I did indeed have a goose encounter. It was kind of our fault. Among the Canadian geese that were in the park, there were a few fat gray geese that my husband thought were hysterical.

So we were stalking these geese (and taking pictures of them in the rain because that's how we have fun) and we saw this white goose on the bridge. So I went over to take its picture.

I had forgotten that the white geese are always the meanest. (True story.) The goose in front of it was simply waddling along ignoring me, but the white goose stopped and HISSED.

I don't know if you've ever heard a goose hiss, but it is a deeply evil sound. I was feeling saucy so I was all "Don't you hiss at me, crazy beast. I'm not that close to you."

At which point the goose assumed The Crazed Snake-Neck Goose Attack Position and started towards me, kind of like this:

found at buzzfeed.com

I might have panicked just a little. But I didn't run, oh no. You never let a goose see that you're afraid.

Instead without even thinking I threw up my arms in the middle of the park, and yelled "I'M HUGE!"

The goose stopped. Considered the very large crazy person in front of it. And then turned around and waddled away.

My husband almost died laughing.

4. Other than running around like crazy people in the park, we also went to Auntie's Bookstore, which is an awesome independent bookstore in downtown Spokane and I picked up some books for you! So expect more contests soon.

Has anything funny happened to you on vacation lately?

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