A very late post on trusting yourself

Apologies for the lateness, all. I had the day off today and I didn't set my alarm, thinking I'd wake around 10ish, and....pretty much slept the day away.




Lets talk about sequels, shall we? Rather, let's talk about that awful feeling you get when you start working on a sequel--that you've already sold, mind you--and all these little doubts start creeping in.

What if this isn't the book everyone expects after reading the first one?

What if I can't make it as good?

People loved XYZ about the first book, but the second book has ABC in it. Will they hate it?

I can't tell if these words are any good. Or the plot. What if it all sucks?

I'd forgotten how important it is to trust yourself during a first draft.  It's probably the most vital thing when you start putting a story down on paper. You have to trust.

found at lacedwithgrace.com

You have to trust that the story you have inside of you matters, even if it's not what everyone is looking for.

You have to trust that if you love the story, if it sucks you in and holds you, the author, that it will suck in the reader.

And you have to trust that everything is going to be okay. Maybe they'll be massive rewrites in the future, but that's okay. Maybe the end you've been planning for ages won't end up working. That's okay too. The important thing is to trust yourself right now.  Build the foundation, find out what story you're even telling, because sometimes the story you set out to write and the story you actually write are very different.

So that's what I'm telling myself every time I sit down to work on the sequel and the 'what-ifs' come calling.

What if....


Trust yourself.

Just write.

What do you tell yourself when the 'what-ifs' show up?

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