Title changes and other things that make me squee.

Ohmygosh guys, I just go my first look at the cover for Dolls!!!!!!


I can't share it yet because there's still tweaking to be done, but I love it. It's gorgeous. And epic. And as soon as it's finalized,  I'll put it up.

Which brings me to...

The Title.

Yes, there's been a slight title change for the book. As awesome as House of a Thousand Dolls is, the editor and marketing team felt it might be a bit too young. So we tweaked it.

The new title is...



It doesn't have the round vowel sounds of House, but it works much better in the actual book. See, the City of a Thousand Dolls is actually a large estate with six Houses and each trains a different kind of girl

The House of Flowers trains girls in court manners and noble protocol.

The House of Jade trains girls as healers and scholars.

The House of Beauty trains girls to be beautiful and to create beautiful things.

The House of Pleasure trains girls to be courtesans and mistresses.

The House of Music trains musicians and dancers

And the House of Combat trains warriors and guards.

With so many different Houses running around, it worked much better to have the estate itself called a city. And the cover makes the title sound epic too.  Almost as epic as this.

So that's the reason behind the name change.

What do you think?

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