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So the awesome girls in my book group have succeeded in convincing me that I need to watch more anime. They even made me a list! (They are very determined. And awesome.)

Anyway, on their recommendation, I started with the original Full Metal Alchemist. Three episodes in and I can already tell it's not going to be sunshine and roses and unicorns pooping rainbows. In fact, I strongly suspect it's going to be the same thing that happened when I started watching Doctor Who.

EVERYONE I KNOW: You must watch Doctor Who! Doctor Who is the best thing since sliced bread with Nutella. (All my most rabid Doctor Who friends also like Nutella. I suspect the two are connected somehow.)

ME: Fine, I will watch this show that everyone says is so amazing.

Five episodes later....

ME: So..the point of Doctor Who is to break your heart in every single episode? Is that what's going on here?

EVERYONE: Exactly!

ME: And now I'm hooked too. So I'm devastated AND addicted.

EVERYONE: Welcome to the dark side! Have some Nutella!

You get the picture. I suspect Full Metal Alchemist will be the same.

So assuming I survive it... what's your favorite anime? And why should I watch it?

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