Things that make you go "Whuh?"

Sometimes I take pictures of things I see that make no sense. I was leafing through my phone album and I found these.

 When I first saw this, I read it as "no smoking oxygen." This sign really needs some punctuation.

What is this...I don't even... *shudder*

I stared at this store in Boise for five solid minutes trying to make sense of it. It's a tween girl store. Full of pink and purple clothing and stuffed Angry Birds.

And it's called Justice. With a heart dotting the i. *stares*

I still don't get it.

Sweaters, yes.

Thigh-Highs, maybe

Wearing a sweater and thigh-highs and NOTHING ELSE?

Hell no.

My husband and I found this yesterday. I think it speaks for itself.

Have you seen anything lately that makes no sense?

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