Dealing with the emotional flu

Sometimes I get depressed.

Not full-scale, sleep-for-days, need-medication depressed. (Though given my family's history of chemical imbalance, I wouldn't be surprised if it happened someday.) This is more of a heavy sad feeling, usually accompanied by a lack of motivation and a tendency to get really discouraged. I'm more sensitive to criticism and my brain is fuzzier. I forget things.

It's REALLY annoying.

found at hyperbole and a half

Being annoyed by your own emotions is not uncommon. (The comic above is an excellent example of this.)  It's like being annoyed when you get sick. You don't want to be sick. You have things to do. But yelling at yourself and charging forward anyway is a strategy guaranteed to just make you sicker.  Especially when you're already tired and worn out.

See, last week was kind of rough.

We got our long awaited and much-needed snow, which was great...except it dumped about two feet in 48 hours, then turned to freezing rain, which stranded our van in the driveway for three days.

picture from a KLEW news story this week
(It's not my van, but you get the idea.)

I had to get to work, so I ended up standing in the parking lot of the business behind us at 4:30 in the morning because the person giving me a ride couldn't get up my street.

I turned in my edits on time, and at first it was all happy dances and relief. But then...I kind of had a reaction. Like eating a huge Thanksgiving meal and then never wanting to eat ever again. I didn't want to write. But I have a sequel to turn in, so I tried to work on it. And the more I tried to work on it, the more tired of the whole thing I got.

And I just got crankier.

When you're physically sick, you need rest. Same goes for the emotional flu. So this week I'm going easy on myself.  No writing, no being productive at home unless I feel like it or it's urgent, like my husband running out of socks. No yelling at myself.  I'm going to go to work and spend time with my husband and pet the cat.

I know this will pass, it always does. Until then, you'll find me on the couch watching Criminal Minds.

Because nothing give you perspective like a show full of serial killers.

How do you deal with the emotional flu?

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