Winner of the Paranormal girls pack! (And how it feels to be a writer at a party.)

Sorry for the late post everyone. I went to an all-night Nanowrimo write-in in Spokane last night and got home at around 8:30ish this morning. Then I slept until five this evening, and my husband took me to a last-minute party for one of his friends.

(All in all, a very adventurous weekend for this antisocial introvert.)

It is an interesting thing to be a writer at a party full of professional adults. I'm trying to own my work more, so I had this conversation several times tonight.

POLITE STRANGER: So what do you do? 
ME: Work mostly. I serve coffee and I write books. 
ME: I serve coffee and write books.  
POLITE STRANGER: You write books? 
ME: Yes. 
POLITE STRANGER: That's...interesting. 
*awkward pause* 
POLITE STRANGER: So where do you serve coffee at? 
ME: *sigh*

And then I would go sit on the couch and sneakily check my Twitter. I'm a very bad socialite.


Hey look at that, it's time to announce the winner of the Paranormal Girls Pack!

*drum roll*

Ashley, email me your address and I will get that right out to you.

And stay tuned on Monday for another contest!

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