Paranormal girls giveaway!

I promised you contests, didn't I? And as a special bonus, this one comes with links.

There's been a lot of talk in my corner of the Internet this fall about female characters, specifically the use of the term "Mary Sue."  Like a lot of people I was clued into the conversation when I read Zoë Marriott's excellent post: You can stuff your Mary-Sue where the sun don't shine.

(Zoe also has an excellent follow-up post here.)

I played with the idea of writing a post about this myself, but as you can see by the links above, wiser and more thoughtful souls than myself have broken down the issue very well. 

Besides, contests are more fun!

So to celebrate our flawsome female heroines, I'm giving away a trifecta of books, each with its own supernaturally gifted, totally amazing heroine.

One winner will receive all three books, and as usual, entering is easy.

1. Follow my blog


2. Leave a comment

You also get an extra entry every time you tweet, facebook, send up smoke signals, or blog about the contest. All I need is a link in the comment section. International entries are welcome. The contest closes at midnight, Monday the 14th.  The contest is closed! Winner will be announced on Saturday.

What do YOU think of the term "Mary-Sue?" How do you react to female characters you don't like?

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