Shoes, sharks and other things that bring people to my blog.

So I have at least one more editing post to put up, but it's going to have to wait until Monday because my brain is broken. Instead let's play a round of Search Term Bingo.*

Like most bloggers I know, I like looking up what kind of search terms bring people to my site. And lately there have been some strange ones.

"house of a thousand dolls" plot ending


(Given that there is an old Vincent Price movie called The House of a 1000 Dolls, I'm pretty sure they weren't looking for me. But I'm still not telling.)

biggest shark in the universe

is this one

found at

Also since I have a deep and abiding fear of both sharks and the deep ocean, I'm not sure why this term leads to my blog. *shudders*

air conditioner broken songs

Are these songs about broken air conditioners? Or broken songs about air conditioners? Oh the mystery! *ponders*

burning the heretic art painting

Again I am foiled by the lack of punctuation! Are we burning HERETIC ART PAINTINGS? Or simply looking for paintings of people burning heretics?  I vote for the first one. All heretic art paintings should be burned!

Wait, what's a heretic art painting?

edward cullen kissing jacob


(Although, now that I think about  it, I could get behind an alternate Twilight ending where Jacob and Edward realize their undying love and Bella goes off to college and becomes an architect. That would be kind of awesome.)

how to promote your shoes

Like this:


Any odd terms lead people to your blog lately? Or have you used an odd search term yourself?

*Search Term Bingo is a term I stole from Chuck Wendig, who is a master at it.

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