Writing on airplanes

So this weekend I flew to Boise for a wedding. Flying to Boise is not a new thing for me, but generally I fly out of Spokane on a non-stop flight that takes about an hour.  This time I flew out of Pullman, with a layover in Seattle.

I'm always really entertained when I do things I haven't done before. And since I couldn't get any of the pictures I took that day to upload to Twitter, I thought I'd share some of the highlights here on the blog.

The nice thing about flying out of Pullman is it's only twenty minutes from my house. And when your flight leaves at 6:50 in the morning, that's no small benefit. 

Also, the Pullman airport is the smallest airport I've ever seen.

Tiniest of tiny airports!

Now I drive by this place on a regular basis, and I always thought it was endearingly small, but I'd never been inside of it.

This is it. All of it. Not even kidding you.

 Turns out the best thing about the Pullman airport is the bookstore. It looks like this.

My favorite part was the sign on the right that identifies this as a "book flea market." So awesome.

As much as I wanted to, I didn't buy a book. I had work to do later.

Boarding the plane was fun. Not only did it have propellers, but we had to board from both the front and back door to avoid a massive traffic jam.

Every time the plane banked, or I looked out the window and saw the propeller, I wanted to yell "Curse you Red Baron!" I never did though.

 When I got to the Seattle airport, this was sitting right across from my next gate.

It's a sign!

If I had sat there the whole layover time, I probably would have ended up with coffee. But then they changed gates on me and I had to walk all the way down to the end of the airport. Where there was no coffee.

I could fit the entire Pullman airport into this space.

So I sat there and worked for an hour, and then right before we were scheduled to start boarding, they switched the gates BACK. So I had to move again.  Fortunately, it was just after nine at this point, so the airport was pretty peaceful.  And I got a lot of work done!

This is what I did on the airplane. And in the airport. And then on the airplane again.

 Then it was back on another little plane.

 Up, up and awaaaaayy!

Then I flew to Boise, hung out at the Rediscovered Bookstore for a while, collected some books for future contests, saw a good friend get married and went to sleep around midnight. And then I got up at seven the next morning and did the whole thing in reverse.  And I learned some things about myself.

I love writing on airplanes.

Protein bars are my best friend.

And taking five hours to fly a one-hour flight is still better than driving.

The End.

Anyone else have an adventure this weekend?

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