Comment issues and more talk about beauty standards.

So I finally figured out what was going wonky with my comments. Apparently, my Intense Debate plug-in turns off if anyone uses the Blogger comments. Which means half the comments I got on our intriguing discussion of beauty on Wednesday got turned off.

This is my "Oh crap!" face.

But have no fear! I still have access to them. And so for you viewing pleasure, I give you ALL the comments I've gotten on this post so far. Feel free to continue the conversation too. (I have turned off the Blogger comments to this post, so it shouldn't happen again.)

To recap, the question was: What do you think of this video's take on beauty standards? (warning, language and content) What are some other standards of beauty in the U.S? And are these standards common in places like Canada and Australia?

Let's see what the lovely readers had to say!  (My thoughts in italics)


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