There's a storm coming!

High winds, lighting and a fire warning to boot. The Internet is down at our house, other people have lost power and Husband and I are holed up at the mall awaiting the zombie apocolypse.

(The lights just flickered. I'd better hurry.)

Here's a blurry picture of the clouds surrounding us.

If we survive, and a tree doesn't fall on our house, I'll be back tomorrow sometime. In the meantime, stay safe, East Coasters and anyone else in the path of a storm.

*hears noise*

Um... the wheat field across the road and up the hill just caught on fire...I should probably go.

See you tomorrow!

PS. I'm not in any danger myself right now. The fire is on the other side of the hill and we'll have plenty of time to get away if it comes closer. Still, it's a bit freaky...

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