Six on Saturday (or good news/bad news)


1. I want to say something about my last week at work, but all that comes to mind is "HOLY. FRICKIN. CRAP." which seems a bit vague. Suffice it to say it was 35 hours of insanity on one of the most insane weeks of the year.

2. I also work 30+ hours next week (first week of school), and I'm going up north to visit family on my day off. So brain death--and my future life as a zombie--is pretty immanent.

(2.5. Speaking of zombies, this is the most EPIC thing I've seen all month. Zombie wedding photos!)

3. For obvious reasons, blogging next week will be mostly short and silly and I probably won't be around that much.


4. I GOT A NEW LAPTOP!!!  *happy dance* I cannot even tell you how amazing that is after a summer of sharing Husband's desktop. And it's especially good news because...

5. I'm supposed to start edits next week! *happy dance x10!*  I've been praying that the edits wouldn't show up before I could replace the laptop, so the timing on that couldn't be better. And I'm excited to get back to work on House of a Thousand Dolls.  I don't really know what to expect, but here it comes, ready...

found at seniorgif

...or not.

found at CuteOverload

And finally #6. John over at Running After My Hat, sent me this cartoon he found, which is both hilarious and completely true.

found at Rhymes with Orange

Well played John. Well played indeed.

How about you? How's your week shaping up?

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