Questions and Answers, part 2

Welcome to part two of me answering questions! For those of you who don't care about questions, I have brought you a puppy kissing a sheep.

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Natalie and Josiphine  both had similar questions, so I'm going to combine them for better answers.

When did you start writing? How did you get into it?

As I said in my last post, I didn't write much as a kid. But I did read. A LOT. And I would tell myself stories at night about the books I read. I would daydream myself into the stories and  go on adventures. But I didn't ever think of writing them down.

Until I got a computer game called Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Heroes of Might and Magic was your standard strategy PC game. You built castles, assembled armies, fought roving monsters and other players, that sort of thing. Not really my speed at all. I'm not big on competitive computer games.

But Heroes III had one thing I couldn't stay away from. A map editor. You could lay down any terrain you wanted, scatter monsters, castles, whatever struck your fancy.

You could build worlds.

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It was amazing. And before long, I started writing stories about the worlds I was building. Those stories turned into a novel, which I worked on all through high school. And before I knew it, I was hooked.

What sort of things did you write when you were younger?

Everything I've ever finished turns out to be fantasy or magical realism. I've played around with other ideas, but nothing else has stuck yet.

 Why do you write fantasy?

This is a tough one. *takes deep breath* The short answer is, I write fantasy because I love it.

The long answer is a little harder to put into words, but it has something to do with the idea that so much of life is wondrous and magical if you only look at it the right way. In real life the magic is often hidden, and the struggle between light and dark is tangled and hard to see. But in fantasy, the magic is RIGHT THERE.

Plus in fantasy, anything is possible. And I love that.

Were people supportive of your writing?

I've been incredibly blessed to have supportive people in every stage of my journey. My family knew I was going to be a writer long before I did. I had teachers who encouraged me to write and friends who read my stuff. (Sometimes I did hit periods where I couldn't find anyone to give me feedback, and that was discouraging. But no one ever told me it was a stupid idea.)

My husband is far and away the most important support I have. The first year we were married, he worked full-time so I could have a part-time job and work on my writing. He's great at editing too, which doesn't hurt. :)

I think that's everything. Thank you everyone for your great questions!

And have another puppy.

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