On internet access and answer delays.

1. Originally I was planning to start answering questions today, but the questions I got (Thank you Natalie and Diane!) were fairly deep ones--more than I could do justice to in a one post. So I'm spreading them out over the next week so that I can go into more depth.  Come back on Monday to see who inspired me to write!

(Also, if you have a question, feel free to leave it here. The question can be anything; serious, silly, snarky. Bring it on. *grin*)

2. My Internet access has been patchy over the last week, ever since I surrendered my borrowed laptop back to the lovely and generous friend who loaned it to me. Now my husband and I are sharing the computer, which meant I had to re-set up my own profile and get all my passwords and bookmarks back and....

Anyway, it was complicated. On the plus side, I can comment on blogs again! Yay! On the negative side, I'll probably still be a bit slow on answering comments, since I have to battle my husband for computer time. 

3. It's a nice, long holiday weekend here in the States. For all of my U.S readers, Happy 4th of July! 

found at flickr.com

For everyone else: Happy Summer!

found at zooborns.com

See you on Monday!

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