Me and the BBC: Human Planet

Every now and then something comes along that is so fascinating that you can't stop talking about it. Lately that thing for me has been the BBC's documentary series, Human Planet.

Guys, this is writer gold.

Let me give you some examples of the kind of stories that show up in this show.

In the Rivers episode, the Khasi of Northeast India have a unique solution to the problem of too much rain and overflowing rivers. They grow LIVING BRIDGES from tree roots. (Doesn't this seem like something elves would do?)

found at Human Planet Explorer 

In the Deserts episode, a Tubu woman teaches her ten-year-old-daughter how to navigate the shifting sands of the Sahara in order to find the only oasis for miles around. Only women and children make this particular journey, because the Tubu believe that only women have the necessary navigation skills. *grin*

found at

And in the Mountains episode, a sixteen-year-old Kazakh boy named Berik takes his first steps to becoming a hunter, include catching and training a golden eagle as a hunting partner. It MIGHT be the most epic thing I've ever seen. (Either that, or I'm a sucker for men in furry hats.)

found at Human Planet Explorer 

As a fantasy writer and an obsessive worldbuilder, watching this series was like opening a magical toolbox full of  new ways of looking at the world. I found these stories spellbinding, especially since a  number of them were about kids. Mostly though, Human Planet fed into my love of people and all the ways we find to survive and thrive, no matter what the circumstances.

How about you? Found any fascinating stories lately?

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