Conversations only writers have...

(Some background: I just completed a very rough draft of my new middle-grade project. The book is set on the island of Hawaii in the late 1700s, and at the end, my heroes have to complete three challenges to save the day.)

ME: I did it! I finished the first draft of Green as Water, Gray as Stone!

HUSBAND: Awesome!

ME: Yeah, I got stuck at the end though. I couldn't think of anything dangerous for my main character to do as his third task.

HUSBAND: Really? Why not?

ME: Because there's nothing dangerous around that area. No poisonous snakes, no big predators, nothing. I mean, there are huge centipedes, but that's about it. The whole book leads up to this final challenge, and when I got there I realized I had nothing for him to do.

HUSBAND: What about sharks? Or volcanoes?

ME: But there are already two shark scares in the book! And the volcanoes are too far away.

HUSBAND: You should use a volcano anyway.

ME: There's no time to get them all the way up the mountain. It's the end of the book. Besides it's all right, I figured it out.

HUSBAND: Really, what did you do?

ME: I threw him off a cliff...

And that, children, is how books get written. 

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